Macaco Records GD01 (2004)


Grimoon’s first EP consists of seven songs written in one go and recorded on an 8-track on a  winter night. The record brings together the enthusiasm and spontaneity of six musicians who,  coming from different musical backgrounds, have aligned to create an unusual, lonely, bare sound  that already looks towards Europe. For each song there is a self-produced short film.


1. La nuit les chats sont gris
2. Luxure et passion
3. La tête dans les parapluies
4. Due di notte
5. Chloé
6. I’m Looking for Paris
7. Marghera
8. Poison

Macaco Records MCC008 – MCV001 (2006)


The band’s first official record includes an entirely self-produced movie. The relationship between  cinema and music is consolidated and gives life to this record which recounts original and bizarre  characters, in French and Italian. Weaving reality and fiction together, lulled by the sounds and  mood of the melody, the lyrics, written and sung by Solenn Le Marchand, are the most intimate  expression of feelings and images captured between France and Italy.


1. Prisonniers
2. Mr Carré
3. Moka
4. Frontière
5. Liberté
6. Le clown
7. La lanterne magique
8. I’m Looking for Paris
9. Lucie
10. Cinéma
11. Les film d’horreur
12. Luxure et passion
13. Même les mains vieillissent

Macaco Recrds MCC010 (2008)


Grimoon’s second official record involves the collaboration of many Italian and international artists.  Produced by Giovanni Ferrario, “Le 7 vies du chat” comprises the catchy indie-rock manifesto “La  Compagnie des Chats Noirs,” later reprised in Italian with the collaboration of Tre Allegri Ragazzi  Mort. The songs alternate more distinctly rock rhythms and psychedelic hints that will be further  developed by the band in future studio works. In addition to the original sextet, Pall Jenkins and Scot Mercado of Black Heart Procession, TARM, Marta Collica, some Mariposa, and Thibaut  Derien join in the album.


1. Mme Bateau
2. La compagnie des chats noirs
3. Space Puppy’s Head
4. Cirque funambules
5. Voyage en solitaire
6. Julie court
7. L’amour vague
8. La compagnia dei gatti neri
9. Circo funambules

Macaco Records MCC016 – MCV002 (2010)


Super 8 is a set of lights and shades that delineate songs between folk, pop and desert song. At first listen, Orfeo, Tournesol, La maison du photographe, La ballade du pecheur avegle, and Amour remain on the skin. Along with the album Neera, Grimoon’s second film, a self-produced ninety-minute feature distributed on DVD with the disc that reinterprets the myth of Orpheus. Produced by Scott Mercado and mixed by Franscesco Donadello.


1. Orfeo
2. La Maison Du Photographie
3. Le Bal Des Ombres
4. Tournesol
5. Melodie
6. La Ballade Du Pecheur Aveugle
7. Super 8
8. Amour
9. Le Temps Des Reves
10. Mille Lumieres
11. Partisan
12. Je Me Transforme

Macaco Records MCC019 (2012)


Grimoon’s fourth record was recorded in San Diego (USA) by Pall Jenkins of Black Heart Procession as producer, after a period spent with them on tour.


1. Les couleurs de la vie
2. Souvenirs
3. Monument aux déserteurs
4. Draw on My Eyes
5. La Montagne Noire
6. Directions
7. Les démons du passé
8. Tango de guerre

Macaco Records MCC024 – VAGREC09 (2016)


The songs in Vers la lune mix the Anglo American folk rock matrix with a particular 70s psychedelic imprint which recalls influences of groups such as Pink Floyd’s “More” period and the darker period of Flaming Lips. But there are also strong echoes of recorded electronics with the thick analog instrumentation that Grimoon have collected over the years (mainly Moog and Mellotron) and of unhinged orchestrations made in collaboration with their friend Enrico Gabrielli (Mariposa, Caliber 35 and many others). The other inevitable international guests are Pall Jenkins, historical singer and leader of The Black Heart Procession (the voice in the first song “Flying away from you” and the musical saw in “Goodybe”) and Scott Mercado, multifaceted American instrumentalist, leader of the Manuok.


1. Flying Away from You
2. I love you
3. Iron Space Bird
4. À la dérive
5. Star Dust
6. Te Stars
7. Life Forms
8. Vers la lune
9. The Ocean
10. Blues dell’astronauta
11. Solitaire
12. Goodbye

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