Grimoon formed in 2004 and have always combined images with their music.

Their successful EP Demoduf released in 2004 by Macaco Records, led them to perform immediately all over Europe, all the way to the Sziget Festival in Budapest. 

They subsequently recorded five albums: La lanterne magique (2006), Les 7 vies du chat (2008), Super 8 (2010), Le d├ęserteur (2012), Vers La lune (2016) collaborating with producers such as John Ferrario (Scisma, Pj Harvey, John Parish) and Pall Jenkins (The Black Heart Procession). 

Most of their concerts have been performed abroad rather than in Italy, with over 10 tours in Germany and performances as far away as in London and the United States

They have also always made a short film for each song, resulting in the production of 40 short films. They have also approached feature films making the films La Lanterne Magique” (2006)  and “Neera” (2010) and the 2016 stop-motion animation filmVers la lune“. 

After years of making videos for Grimoon, the band’s two singers, Solenn and Alberto also started the animation film studioFrameByFrame” which has made video clips for independent artists and TV commercials. Noteworthy among others is the video “Negatons that Deny Themselves” by Cabeki, winner of several awards in Italy, including best music video clip at the 2013 MyGeneratonFestival

The band members have changed over time. The original lineup was more folk, with the violin and the accordion that over the years have been “replaced” by the electric guitar and the synth for a more punchy, rock and psychedelic sound. Solenn Le Marchand (vocals, synth), Alberto Sevanato (vocals, acoustic guitar), and Alberto De Grandis (guitar) remained from the original lineup. They have been joined by Marco Centasso (electric bass, mellotron), and Niccolo Romanin (drums).  

Grimoon returns in 2023 with a new album Clair obscure for the label Tempesta Records, followed by images from the animated filmAlan’s Journey” which deals with the topic of migration. The new project supports the actions of rescue at sea by the NGO Mediterranea.

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