Clair Obscur is the awaited sixth album of Grimoon, the group led by Solenn Le Marchand and Alberto Stevanato. The record narrates the contemporary drama of migration through the eyes of a child.

The music contaminates itself, looking for new sounds without leaving behind the union between vintage synth sounds and acoustic guitar which characterized the band. The record, produced by Alberto Stevanato and Sacha Tilotta (Stash Raiders, Three Second Kiss) features Enrico Gabrielli, Andrea Faccioli (Cabeki), Erik Ursich (Vacca Stracca).

The short films that go with Grimoon‘s performances tell the journey of Alan, a child who undertakes a long journey with his father on board a ship/shell, crossing the seas and meeting different characters.

The release of the record is in support of the NGO Mediterranean, with a dedicated merchandising of which part of the proceeds will be paid to support rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea carried out by the NGO itself.

During the long development of this sixth album, the list of children who died in the attempt to reach countries less hostile than theirs has lengthened enormously pushing the band to tell these broken lives.

Since 2019 Solenn and Alberto have welcomed many children and adults refugees into their creative space Anim’arte located in Mestre, sharing their love for art and creativity. From these meetings came the desire to tell and share. And what better way than music and animation to do that? Lyrics and music, images and characters are however soft, light, far from melancholy, dreamy and “light, in the absence of gravity, to break the rhythm, the habit” (as in the text of La Crasse).

Clair Obscur comes out seven years after Vers La lune, a record and a DVD with an animated film presented by the historic show Fuori Orario – Cose (mai) viste on RAI 3.


tour dates

14/04 Mestre (VE), Teatro del parco
13/05 Montichiari (BS), Monamì Live Social Space
18/07 Mogliano Veneto (TV), Summer Nite Love Festival

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